Poor Cindy Crawford.    For the past 20+ years, Crawford has spent her life in the media spotlight as the apparent epitome of female beauty and the object of male sexual desire.  We all know her, or at least feel that we do, as the Super Model and former wife of Richard Gere, one time movie actress ( Fair Game (1995) – ya can’t win ‘em all, Cindy) and current spokeswoman for Meaningful Beauty (an oxymoron or inside joke no doubt?), a mid-priced, anti-aging facial regimen that she claims has kept her looking young and vital.  She is also the veteran of numerous television appearances masquerading as herself.

Crawford is one of those special, celebrated and ever-photographed humans to whom the media likes to attach the adage:   men want to be with her and women want to be her.  Ugh.

It comes as no surprise to myself and other feminists that now that Crawford is in her late forties, she is coming under criticism for those same physical attributes that had once made her millions of dollars and the purported envy of all women everywhere.

Today, the Daily Mail Report, a United Kingdom online media source, ran a story “How Cindy Crawford’s knees tell the truth about her age.”


According to the Daily Mail Report, while her body and face still exude the presence and composure of a woman ten years younger, her knees are “sagging” and “drooping” and “wrinkled.”

Cindy Crawford may have the figure and looks of a woman ten years younger.

But today the 45-year-old supermodel displayed signs of her true age as she put her wrinkled knees on show in a short black dress.

They even give us a close up photo of her knees as proof.

The Offending Knees

After assessing the decrepit state of her knees, the article offers the idea of plastic surgery as a remedy for the villainous malady,  then dismisses same as “[k]nees are one of the hardest areas of the body to have done because there is nowhere to conceal the scarring.”    In lieu of plastic surgery, the article lovingly and helpfully suggests that she could at least rub some Vaseline on those knees and cover them with long socks before going to bed.  An inferred suggestion is that she perhaps even, and ultimately, cover their imperfection from our view.

The article  also slyly states that exercise might bring those knees back to 1990s shape – I’m sure Crawford would never have thought of that on her own, despite the fact that she had some very successful exercise videos during the same time frame.

The patriarchy, expressing itself through voices and puppetry of the gossip rag Daily Mail Report and other media outlets, would like females to consider nips and tucks on all parts of our body now – nothing is excluded, not even plastic surgery for “rejuvenation” of the vagina (my vagina is currently and happily un-rejuvenated, thank you very much).  Perhaps it is their way of dealing with their own sagging flesh and mortality issues.

I would like those same puppets to consider one thing:  we are all aging and we are all dying.  We are not immortal, not even those bastions of celebrated male fantasy and seemingly thoughtless physical perfection –  the Victoria’s Secret Models.  We are all going to disappear from this planet on our own timing after we have learned the life lessons appropriate to our individual journey.

Cindy Crawford’s only crime, aside from aging like the rest of us, is that she neglected to apply  Meaningful Beauty to her knees. God bless her!

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