The media apparently does not have enough on its collective plate.  You would think with the progressing downward spiral of the economy or the protests against Wall Street greed or continued corporate layoffs that the media would have their hands, keyboards and pens completely full.  However, within the last week, we were inundated by numerous articles and sound bites expressing dismay, not over Bernie Madoff or arrests of protestors in Denver, but rather with the state of Lindsay Lohan’s teeth.

From Ryan Seacrest to US Weekly to NY Daily News, Lohan’s “ yellow” and “dingy” teeth were on display for rebuke and reprisal as if they were one of the biggest issues facing our society.  Close up photos of Lohan’s teeth abound in the articles– no they are not Hollywood perfect like Tom Cruise’s teeth or Brad Pitt’s tusks or George Clooney’s  choppers.  Truthfully, Lohan’s teeth look like a regular person’s teeth with a bit of wear and tear and not perfect upkeep – certainly nothing to justify the pages and pages of Google articles addressing them.

Should we give the media the benefit of the doubt and postulate that perhaps they were using Lohan’s teeth as a metaphor for the state of the economy?   Certainly, words used to describe her teeth, such as “decayed” and “uneven” and “rotting” and “stained,” could also apply to the recession.  Should we believe the media is using some kind of covert code to express an urgent need for government intervention during this recession or a call to the American people to immediate, decisive action?  Given that Ryan Seacrest is involved in the transmission of this information, I would have to give that a big “NO!”

Sadly, the media’s disparagement of Lohan’s teeth is merely a diversion and distraction from more relevant and pressing issues, and therein lies the rub.

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