She’s a dash of  John Edwards technique and a pinch of Mike Myer’s character, Linda Richmand (“can we tawk?”), brazenly approaching strangers to ask if they have a loved one who has passed, then offering them comforting messages from the “Other Side.”  She’s Theresa Caputo, star of The Learning Channel’s (TLC)  “Long Island Medium”.

According to the TLC website, Caputo is your “average mom with a husband and kids, but she’s also a real psychic medium.”  Caputo makes a living “reading” the energy of the dead in order to relay messages to the living.  Each episode features a scheduled appointment, in which Caputo disseminates information, and sometimes provides predictions, to an individual client hoping to connect with a family member or other loved one who has died.  Interesting, each show also reveals Caputo’s outgoing nature as she often converges upon complete strangers with messages from the deceased.  Some seem shocked, but most are curious and encouraging.

During one episode, when going to a house to conduct an energetic house cleaning, Caputo ends up reading the homeowner, Missy, whose deceased father is apparently living in the house with Missy’s family and sitting in the large comfy chair in the corner.  She gives Missy specific past details regarding the burial of her father.  In another episode, when Caputo has her car serviced, she ends up psychically connecting with the mechanics’ dead family members.  One mechanic in particular feels that Caputo’s words are actually the same as those his father would use.  In a cupcake shop, she exchanges psychic messages with the owner on behalf of her dead father.

Often, Caputo spouts out questions rapid fire:  Who just had twins?  Who lost a child? Whose mother is on the other side?

The skeptic in me questions some of her technique:  sometimes her questions seem very general and often the recipient will jump in very quickly to offer information because he/she wants to believe.  However, after watching TV psychics for the past twenty years, from John Edwards to Sylvia Browne to James Van Praagh, I can say the difference between other psychic mediums and Caputo is that Caputo’s questions often contain specific details in them – details she could not have known without either prior knowledge of the person or by legitimately connecting to their deceased loved one.

Love it!  Would love to see a show in which Caputo reads other psychics like John Edwards or Sylvia Browne or James Van Praagh.

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