Top Chef:  Texas starts tonight on Bravo.   As part of the station’s promotion of the series, Andy Cohen of Bravo, with a smirk and emitting glee, encourages us to watch this latest iteration of the tired-Top Chef –blasé brand.    However, I have Top Ten Reasons not to watch Top Chef:  Texas:

10.  Fake, fabricated and forced cooking situations and competitions that all seem like a façade to showcase Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi more than anything or anyone else in the competition.

9.   Bravo.   Home to the misogynistic cooking series and to those The Real Housewives Of series (New Jersey, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, etc….), which specialize in keeping women from winning top honors/money and also exploiting stereotypes of women as gold-digger-bitch-narcissist.

8.  Emeril Lagasse:  Celebrity chef, newest Top Chef judge, soup whore and all-around sell out.

7.   Texas. Enough said.

6.   Tom Colicchio.  Executive producer and head judge responsible for more female contestant eliminations on the Top Chef lineage than any other.  More than enough said.

5.   Gail Simmons:  Host of Top Chef: Just Desserts and perennial Top Chef judge.  Also responsible for continuing female losses and perpetrating female stereotypes through her narcissistically-priced, ever-high-spiked Sex and the City shoes.

4.   The Alamo.  Setting for the first episode.  Although more interesting than Colicchio and a stronger presence than LaGasse, the Alamo pretty much symbolizes the end result for most female contestants on the show.

3.  From previews/advertisements, it appears that some pretty heavy-hitting celebrities, like Charlize Theron and Patti LaBelle, will be making special appearances on this Top Chef.  If you’re like me, you won’t really want to watch their respective falls from celebrity grace and the A-List.

2.  Padma Lakshmi.  It appears she will reprise her subordinate role as Top Chef hostess-eye-candy and male-view whore.  She relishes her role and why not – she is getting paid well to be the object of voyeurs and a judge who also helps to eliminate other females.

The Number One Reason Not To Watch Top Chef:  Texas:    Most likely, based on the performance statistics of past shows, a woman will not be able to win either the top accolades or the money.  Out of 8 regular seasons of Top Chef, only 1 female has won:  Stephanie Izard in Season 4.  Further, in Top Chef All Stars (2011), the top honor and money ($200,000) were awarded to Richard  Blais (who came in second to Izard, interestingly, in Season 4).  Continuing refusal of judges to institute blind taste tests in order to protect against elimination of contestants based upon gender and racial prejudices cements my decision to boycott Top Chef:  Texas.

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